Thursday, July 8, 2010

Jesus sighted in my town.

I live in a hilariously small town. We just put up our first and only stop light a couple years ago. It has been the butt of many Adam Sandler jokes, including when he spoke at my high school graduation (I went to school in a nearby city, Manchester, and was in Sandler's nephew's class). But laugh no more world, we have finally made it big. Associated Press big.

Alright so to be honest, this is only making our reputation worse but the AP nontheless.

Even though we only have one stoplight, no grocery stores, and may be the last remaining town in New England to not have a Dunkin' Donuts, we do have a waterpark. Yeah, apply logic to that one. At this waterpark, there seems to be a flag with the face of Jesus in it. Now, I know what you're thinking. My thoughts immediately went to housewives in Oklahoma with pieces of toast that look like Elvis, but when I looked at a picture of the flag, I was surprisingly curious. It's not that it's in an odd shape like Jesus, or that your eyes "matrix" a face out of a pattern, it has a similiar look as the Shroud of Turin.

A local priest agreed to come take a look at the flag, although I'm not exactly sure what his goal is. "Yep. That's him alright."

The owner of the park says that since he acquired the flag, the weather has been "perfect" and business has picked up. I would love to speak with him about his definition of perfect.

To read the whole article in our newspaper...

Priest will wait to look at water park's flag - Thursday, Jul. 8, 2010

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